What is Dank Vapes?
Dank Vapes is a mysterious black market brand selling THC oil cartridges for people to vape. You may know that THC comes from the cannabis plant and has psychoactive effects. This THC oil contains vitamin E acetate, which is a thickening agent. The effect of this thickening agent on the lungs is unclear but is said to create pneumonia-like symptoms. The US Food and Drug Administration has suggested that people stop vaping THC oils immediately.

The illegal cartridges brought on the black market contain a distilled oil from the cannabis plant. However, sellers can also add other ingredients to make their supply last longer. These additional items could well be dangerous to health. There have been a number of cases of the lung illness and even deaths which relate to vaping Dank Vapes and other illegal THC cartridges.

One study interviewed 53 patients, of which 80% said they had used a cannabis vape product in the last 3 months prior to their symptoms.

What are the symptoms related to vaping THC oil?
Chest pain
Difficulty breathing
Immune cells filled with an oily liquid
Why are people vaping Dank Vapes?
Dank Vapes offers ways to get THC to people, even in countries where it is illegal. In places where THC is legal, the company provides cheaper alternatives. However, with such bad press, is it really worth it?

What cannabis can I vape instead?
CBD is the legal and well-known cannabinoid which comes from the cannabis plant. This is LEGALLY sold in the UK and many other countries. It does not contain THC oil, or vitamin E acetate or any other rubbish (when brought from a reputable seller). The way to check you are buying from a reputable and trustworthy source is by asking for a certificate of analysis. This will show you the breakdown of the products so you know EXACTLY what it contains.

CBD e-liquid is infused with CBD. It is not oil. You should not put your tincture drops in your vape device, just as you wouldn’t try to vape cooking oil. Please, make sure you do not buy your CBD or any THC oil from the black market. Buy CBD from trustworthy companies.

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