Atomik Moon Rocks Diamond 58.77%


Atomik Moon Rocks

Atomik Moon Rocks Diamond is our connoisseur line. It starts with our Private Reserve OG which we Infuse with High Potency WAX utilizing our proprietary process. Then we roll the product in Top Quality Crumble Wax to create dense concentrated buds that resemble something out of a dream. SC Labs tests at 58.74% THC confirms Moon Rocks Diamond is the “Highest Potency Product of its Kind” on the market today. Enjoy a Moon Rocks experience that can not be beat. Take Your High To The Next Level.

Manufacturer 1 Stop Extracts
THC Content 58.47%
CBD Content 0.49%
CBN Content 2.08%

Moon rocks collected during the course of lunar exploration are currently considered priceless. In 2002, a safe was stolen from the Lunar Sample Building that contained minute samples of lunar and Martian material.

We at Atomik moon rock invite patients and consumers to “Take your high to the next level” with our extremely potent Moon Rocks. These marijuana meteorites start as private reserve flowers that we infuse with wax hash oil or both, then coat with a layer of high-grade keif ice water hash and/or top-shelf wax. All this infusion and attention results in dense nuggets that deliver THC content upwards of 55%. We also produce a CBD line of Moon Rocks that pushes CBD content to over 40%. Our goal is to deliver affordable high-potency medications that are the cleanest and strongest marijuana products on the market. Treat yourself to a higher-high with Atomik Moon Rocks. They’re big medicine.

While the whole world celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing, we present an unusual story from about 25 years ago, about how astronaut Buzz Aldrin almost got into trouble with the federal government for claiming that he used a moon rock for the center stone of his third wife’s engagement ring which in reality “only” held diamonds.  As valuable as diamonds are a moon rock would literally be priceless.



1 Oz, 1/4 Pounds, 1/2 Pounds, 1 Pound


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