Diesel Autoflowering


Flowering time after (days): 50 – 55
Height in cm: 40 – 60
Type: Autoflowering
Climat Sunny / Mediterranean
Sativa / Indica Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis
Number of seeds 5
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Diesel autoflower is a very potential plant, because of its autoflower genes it only takes about 10 weeks from seed to crop!
Mostly indica dominant Diesel autoflower grows big leaves with a relatively high yield with buds growing small but very dense and covered with a nice layer of resin.
The buds emerge mostly alongside the head branches.
The buds smell slightly like diesel fuel but after lighting them up the taste is more like earthy coffee.
The effect you get from consuming Diesel Autoflower gets you in a state of a long lasting state of energetic high, making you feel really relaxed and mellow.

This is a cannabis seed that experienced growers love to deal with, as they are mostly meant for indoor growing, which also requires a lot of looking after. That said, even the beginners who have the patience to learn how to grow cannabis indoors can have success with this one. This is a cup winning cannabis seed, which can also be grown outdoors but for that you have to do under tropical conditions only. 

Less Than 10 Weeks of Flowering Time

Diesel autoflowering seeds are very potential plants in terms of yield that they deliver, and its autoflowering genes does take not more than 10 weeks to flower from seed to crop. This Indica dominant strain grows huge leaves with even higher yields with buds that are small in size but are covered with very dense layer of resin. The color on the leaves is deep green, which starts turning into purple towards the end. When the growers crop these plants in early stages, they offer outstanding yield. 

The Buds Smell Like Diesel

The buds of these plants grow alongside all the head branches. The smell of the buds is similar to diesel fuel and hence the name, but once you light it up, the taste is more of earthy coffee. Smokers love our Diesel autoflowering weed as it gives a long lasting body high, giving you a mellowed and relaxed feeling. There is cerebral hit but you still remain in your senses, which is something that smokers want the most from their marijuana medications. 

Tastes like Grapes

This exotic marijuana tastes and smells like red grapes, but are a tad sweeter than those lemony varieties you come across. If you get your hands on one of those fresh and sticky cannabis buds then you are certainly in for a treat as its really strong smell is certain have a spell on you. 

The uplifting high that it gives, can offer new wings to the creative heads, and that’s why Diesel autoflowering cannabis seeds are extremely popular among expert cultivators and amateurs alike.


10 seeds, 20 seeds


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