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Brass Knuckles Do-Si-Dos Vape Cartridge

Brass Knuckles established in Los Angeles, is an industry leader famed for the production of super premium oil cartridges. Brass Knuckles’ cartridges are known for flavor, purity and potency, winning the hearts of cannabis connoisseurs with their mastery of the art of extraction, and by focusing on top-shelf cannabis strains.

All Brass Knuckles’ products are lab tested to ensure that the highest quality standards are always met. Capturing the strain’s essence in potency and taste, Brass Knuckles Do-Si-Dos Vape Cartridge delivers a complex yet complementary terpene profile, expressing sweet notes of lime, mint, pine, and spice. The latest THC lab test for Brass Knuckles Do-Si-Dos Vape oil sets its concentration at 65.4%.

Do-Si-Dos cannabis strain, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off inherits much of its effects from its parents. It is no doubt one of the most powerful indica hybrids in the world, with THC levels reaching up to a staggering 30%. Do-Si-Dos provides a smooth and relaxing body buzz which is accompanied by deep sense of physical calm. Just like it is with the Do-Si-Dos bud, the effects of this cart starts with a soaring mood and deep euphoria, and eventually washing into a soothing body-high which delivers penetrating relaxation.

Powerful as it is, Do-Si-Dos is a medical grade cannabis strain that is recommended for people needing a heavy dose of relief from conditions like chronic pain and insomnia. Regardless of its high THC content, its powerful narcotic effect is helpful for anxiety and panic attacks.

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