Built upon foundations of sustainable practices, Honeycomb Farms and all of its team members strive year round to produce safe, effective, and trustworthy cannabis for the California marketplace. We never use pesticides, hand trim every plant, lab test each harvest multiple times, and preserve our flowers in nitrogen sealed containers. We strive to provide the highest quality product at the lowest possible prices. Candyland is a potent, happy, 75/25, Sativa-Dominant, Northern California-bred, daytime hybrid blend of Granddaddy Purple and Bay Area Platinum Cookies. Known for the (figurative) sugary-coating on its buds, this sweet strain has the flavor (some may say) of pink lemonade and offers lower-dosing consumers a social, creative head high with little or no heavy Indica body effects.

Honeycomb Farms is a wonderfully curated selection of Northern California’s best sun grown and glass house cannabis, hand selected by our team of industry veterans. … Honeycomb Farms is your go to source for the freshest, all-natural, feel-good cannabis available in California.Diablo OG by Honeycomb Farms Lab tested at 23.3% THC. Diablo OG by Honeycomb Farms, grown pesticide free in soil, hand trimmed, and nitrogen sealed for freshness.

Diablo OG is an indica with lineage from Grapefruit, Blueberry and South African Sativa, there is a sweet flavor to the Diablo cannabis strain.This indica has a purple hue, fruity and spicy flavors, and a THC content that tends to fall between 15-20%. Diablo has an indoor flowering time of 6-7 weeks and took second place at the 2002 BC Harvest Cup in the outdoor category. Honeycomb Farms flowers are: Soil Grown, Hand Trimmed, Pesticide Free, Cold Air Cured, and Nitrogen Sealed in tins.


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