Pre-Rolled Joints



* Handy for on-the-go medicating!
* Saves those with Arthritis and other discomfort from having to roll their own.
* Fast, ready delivery of medicine to those with Seizure Disorders.
** Image shows what our joints look like.  All Pre-Rolled Joints are sold Individually (not in a pack), unless specified otherwise.
** Strains currently available are listed in the drop-down menu.

* Each of our standard Pre-Rolled Joints contain 0.5g (1/2 gram) of ground flowers and bottom of jar shake/trichomes, and are made using Organic RAW Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones.

* Each of our DEM Pure Certified Premium Pure Rolls contain 1.5g of flowers (tops only) and will be shipped in its own glass tube with a cork stopper to preserve the integrity of the joint and to ensure an ideal curing environment.

* Some of our Pre-Rolled Joints contain 0.5g (1/2 gram) of ground FLOWERS ONLY.  These are denoted with the word “Flowers” in their listed name.

** Our beeswax-wrapped “Blood and Nettle” Joint Packs are very special, indeed!  Each pack is made with a total of 3.5g of premium Organic flowers, rolled into 5 tantalizing joints!
* Some of these premium Blood and Nettle joints include additional herbs and flowers such as Lavender and/or Rose, creating a unique and delicious smoking experience.  Smooth and blissful!
* As an added bonus, each pack of Blood and Nettle joints is placed into wax paper, then carefully enrobed within a specially-created and reusable Beeswax Wrap!  Because of this, the scent of these lovely joint packs is delicious enough to make the mouth water.  Seriously.  YUM.
* Beeswax Wraps have many uses, including (but not limited to):

  • Covering glass jars
  • Opening stubborn jar lids
  • Rolling up to use as a funnel in a pinch
  • Rolling up to use as a straw when on the go
  • Covering partially eaten fruit or vegetables until you are ready to eat the rest of them
  • As a folded “snack pack” for your favourite munchies
  • As a cover for soap while traveling
  • As a replacement for the cardboard holder for decks of cards and other small games
  • Covering the top of jars or carafes while dining outside, to keep the pests out of your beverages
  • As an emergency bowl for water for yourself or your dog while out and about!



We can create Custom Joints for you from any Flower currently on our menu!  If you are interested in having us roll Joints for you from Flower strains that are not available on this page, but are listed on our menu, please follow these instructions:

  • Add your chosen quantity of Flowers (Organic / Non-Organic / Budget) to your Shopping Cart.
    ** Each gram of Flowers ordered can be made into Two (2) Joints, with 0.5g (1/2 gram) of Flowers per Joint.
  • Specify in the Order Notes which Flowers in your order you would like for us to roll into Joints for you.
  • Add $1.50 per Custom Joint to your payment total.  This fee covers our materials and the time it takes for one of our helpers to create your Joint(s).
  • Enjoy!


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